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My London Trip – Day 1

Hello! I know what you’re thinking… Fleur, where have you been?! Well the honest answer is;

• Camping (for a couple of weeks, admittedly…)

• At home being lazy (what’s new?!)


Yes, I know I haven’t posted in weeks, but I am going to try my best to post 1+ times a week now, so expect to see a little more of me!

Even though I haven’t posted in forever, I have still been reading the blogs I am subscribed to and posting on my Instagram (@floral.fleur if you were wondering 😉😂) .

Anyway, today I am going to be telling you what I did on day 1 of 3 in London! I will also show you everything I bought that day and then in the next few days, day 2 and 3 will be up with what I did and bought then!

Day 1


I got up early (for me) and got ready, packed last minute stuff, etc


I caught the train to London and got off (eventually) at Stratford.


Checked in at the hotel


Went into Primark for one specific thing … their Beauty and the Beast Chip the teacup top! I got the top and then as I was walking to the till I spotted a *very* cute Pusheen the cat top and just had to buy it! The tops were £6 each but there was some kind of offer/sale or something so I got both for £7?!

Various times in the next few hours

Went around the shops in Westfield a bit more, I spent a while gazing at the pink and rose gold Ted Baker bags in John Lewis and contemplated buying one… I didn’t. I did however buy a very cute pale pink sweatshirt that says SHINE on it in rose gold 💕✨. I then got some new Nike trainers 👟.

I then went to a shop called Typo and fell in love, there was a lot of squealing and “ohmygoditssocute!” going on… I bought a ombré journal and then found out I could have my name embossed, so I did… in rose gold (notice the theme?!). And then the lady at the till offered me a tote bag for £1 instead of £5 or something andddd I said yes (Fleur from the future rolls her eyes). BUT THEN she offered me a unicorn water bottle for half price (£3) and of course I said yes … hehe 😂.

I went to Urban Outfitters and bought the Mario Badescu Rose water face spray, which I absolutely love!

Then I went to Boots and bought one of those customisable palette things from NYX and 4 eyeshadows to put in it 😍. I also bought a couple of eye brushes – a £1.99 one from Seventeen and a £4.99 Spectrum one which is sooo beautiful!

Next I went into the Vans shop and bought a tie string bag with pretty purple flowers all over it.

I then went to the actual NYX shop and bought an eyebrow pencil, which is really good! It has a cream highlighter on the other end, which I use under my arch and just above the arch as well.

In the evening I went to a restaurant and had macaroni cheese, which was soooo good, but massive so I couldn’t eat it all 😂.

So, that is it for Day 1, look out for the rest soon!

Fleur ✨


Journaling – three ways


Today on my blog, I will be showing you three ways to keep a journal. All of these ways are good and fairly simple and some let you be more creative than others so you can pick what is right for you, because as your journal is about you, you should be able to pick what you want it to be like.

1: Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are amazing for if you are creative or want to start being a more crafty person as they allow you to design it yourself to what you want. Here are my ideas for bullet journal beginners;


2: Planner

A planner is great for if you are not quite as arty, but still want to add your own touch to your journal. I’m mine, I write down little quotes and inspirational messages to make me smile when I read them. I also wrote down any important information like dance lessons or exams. I like adding little doodles and stickers to my planner as well. Mine is from Kate Spade and was about £30! 😭;

3: Diary

I didn’t really know what to call this one, so I just called it a diary… I used Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter’s 2017 Diary and it is the ‘easiest’ option as all you need to do is write in the information. I use this one as a blog planner and write in ideas for posts and when the posts are up;

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my different journals and are inspired to start your own!

Fleur 🌸

Summer Day Out Outfit ☀️

Hello! Today I will be sharing an outfit which I have been loving as it is so simple and looks amazing but is still comfortable and keeps you cool (ish) in warm weather!


The top is a vest style blouse from H&M and it is cream coloured with lacy floral detailing at the top. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was around £10. 


I paired the top with my black shorts from Miss Selfridge which I have done a post on previously; The Perfect Denim Shorts.


Finally to complete the outfit, I have these beautiful Aztec style wedges which I got for very cheap in the BHS closing sale last year, so unfortunately you cannot buy these exact ones any more, but I’m sure you can get similar ones!

So that is my summer outfit – I hope you love it as much as me! 

Fleur 🌸

The perfect denim shorts

Hello! Today I will be sharing with you my new favourite outfit staple – denim shorts! These ones are beautiful, so let’s take a look!

I recently bought a pair of black denim shorts from Miss Selfridge and I love them! They are comfy, practical and look great all at the same time and the fit is really good.

Black Shorts

They were a good price – only £20 and I loved them so much I had to buy the blue ones as well! 

Blue Shorts

I paired the shorts with; an off the shoulder kind of Bardot blue and white striped frill from top from Zara or a white vest with crochet detailing from Miss Selfridge, a top with a slightly funnel necked red and white striped top also from Zara, a white ribbed rope with blue, black and red stripes from H&M and a blue vest style blouse with white stars on from H&M.

Blue and white top

Red and white top

White crochet top

H&M – I couldn’t find the exact tops online because I bought them in store.

Thank you for reading, I hope you love these outfits as much as me! 



My Meal Diary! Sunday 28th May

Hello! So, I have decided to share with you every day this week the previous day’s meals. I am on a mini holiday right now, so thought it might be fun to share what I eat each day! I have laid out the week in my sketch pad and will upload the previous day’s food in the form of pictures of my sketch pad. Thank you for reading this so far and I hope you enjoy!

Sunday 28th May

Whilst I was drawing the layout for my diary, my pen slipped and I ended up with a little line coming off of it …. So, I decided to add a little ‘life lesson’ that when life doesn’t go to plan, you can always fix it! Well, it does depend what you have done, but anyway I added these little lines to ALL of the boxes and had each box’s lines going opposite ways! I think it turned out okay in the end.

Thank you for reading, please leave your opinion on this type of post in the comments!