My London Trip – Day 1

Hello! I know what you’re thinking… Fleur, where have you been?! Well the honest answer is;

• Camping (for a couple of weeks, admittedly…)

• At home being lazy (what’s new?!)


Yes, I know I haven’t posted in weeks, but I am going to try my best to post 1+ times a week now, so expect to see a little more of me!

Even though I haven’t posted in forever, I have still been reading the blogs I am subscribed to and posting on my Instagram (@floral.fleur if you were wondering 😉😂) .

Anyway, today I am going to be telling you what I did on day 1 of 3 in London! I will also show you everything I bought that day and then in the next few days, day 2 and 3 will be up with what I did and bought then!

Day 1


I got up early (for me) and got ready, packed last minute stuff, etc


I caught the train to London and got off (eventually) at Stratford.


Checked in at the hotel


Went into Primark for one specific thing … their Beauty and the Beast Chip the teacup top! I got the top and then as I was walking to the till I spotted a *very* cute Pusheen the cat top and just had to buy it! The tops were £6 each but there was some kind of offer/sale or something so I got both for £7?!

Various times in the next few hours

Went around the shops in Westfield a bit more, I spent a while gazing at the pink and rose gold Ted Baker bags in John Lewis and contemplated buying one… I didn’t. I did however buy a very cute pale pink sweatshirt that says SHINE on it in rose gold 💕✨. I then got some new Nike trainers 👟.

I then went to a shop called Typo and fell in love, there was a lot of squealing and “ohmygoditssocute!” going on… I bought a ombré journal and then found out I could have my name embossed, so I did… in rose gold (notice the theme?!). And then the lady at the till offered me a tote bag for £1 instead of £5 or something andddd I said yes (Fleur from the future rolls her eyes). BUT THEN she offered me a unicorn water bottle for half price (£3) and of course I said yes … hehe 😂.

I went to Urban Outfitters and bought the Mario Badescu Rose water face spray, which I absolutely love!

Then I went to Boots and bought one of those customisable palette things from NYX and 4 eyeshadows to put in it 😍. I also bought a couple of eye brushes – a £1.99 one from Seventeen and a £4.99 Spectrum one which is sooo beautiful!

Next I went into the Vans shop and bought a tie string bag with pretty purple flowers all over it.

I then went to the actual NYX shop and bought an eyebrow pencil, which is really good! It has a cream highlighter on the other end, which I use under my arch and just above the arch as well.

In the evening I went to a restaurant and had macaroni cheese, which was soooo good, but massive so I couldn’t eat it all 😂.

So, that is it for Day 1, look out for the rest soon!

Fleur ✨