Journaling – three ways


Today on my blog, I will be showing you three ways to keep a journal. All of these ways are good and fairly simple and some let you be more creative than others so you can pick what is right for you, because as your journal is about you, you should be able to pick what you want it to be like.

1: Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are amazing for if you are creative or want to start being a more crafty person as they allow you to design it yourself to what you want. Here are my ideas for bullet journal beginners;


2: Planner

A planner is great for if you are not quite as arty, but still want to add your own touch to your journal. I’m mine, I write down little quotes and inspirational messages to make me smile when I read them. I also wrote down any important information like dance lessons or exams. I like adding little doodles and stickers to my planner as well. Mine is from Kate Spade and was about £30! 😭;

3: Diary

I didn’t really know what to call this one, so I just called it a diary… I used Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter’s 2017 Diary and it is the ‘easiest’ option as all you need to do is write in the information. I use this one as a blog planner and write in ideas for posts and when the posts are up;

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my different journals and are inspired to start your own!

Fleur 🌸


21 thoughts on “Journaling – three ways

  1. Mbalenhle

    I use bullet journaling with everything because I think way too fast when I am writing so I have to just jot down what’s on my mind that second before my mind switches to something else 😄. Your journals are all so beautiful by the way 💐

    Liked by 1 person

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