New Things I love

Hello! I didn’t really know what to call this post, as it is a jumble of mini reviews of things I have got recently and love, but eventually I decided that this title best suits this post! 

bareMinerals Make Up

I have been loving the bareMinerals foundation and powder recently – it gives a good coverage and is buildable if necessary – I have done a separate post on the foundation here.

Bath & Body Works PocketBac

I have five different scents of these adorable little hand sanitisers and I love them!  My favourite is ‘Hello Beautiful’, but I love them all! They leave your hands feeling clean as well as smelling great, so I would definitely recommend them.


Rose Gold iPhone SE

I love everything rose gold, so of course I love this! I have it with 64GB of storage, so I can take all the photos, listen to a the music and download all the apps I wish without running out of storage! 


I have had my lightbox for about two months now and I living creating inspirational messages for myself! I have now got symbols, mini letters, pink letters and letters in a new font to add to my original ones and I love them!

Pandora Ring

I really love my March birthstone Pandora ring, my birthday isn’t in March, but I liked that one the best! It goes with any outfit I wear and I love it!

The colour pink

I know it isn’t something new, but I have been loving the colour pink recently! I have pink wallpaper, cushions, blankets and even phone case! 

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