bareMinerals Powder Foundation Review

Hello! Welcome back to SimplyFleur, I did not post last Sunday because I had posted a party planning series and decided to have a break – but I am back this week! 

Today, I will be talking about a recent edition to my make up bag – the bareMinerals foundation! I have tried a few liquid foundations before and not liked the texture, look on my skin and the overall experience of them – so I was worried that this foundation was going to be much the same.

However, I have fallen in love with it! The texture is soft and easy to apply – I use the Real Techniques buffing brush from the core collection and it works perfectly. You can apply as much as you like – dust it all over your face for a light tint or buff in more for a fuller coverage. No matter how much you are wearing – I find that it never feels like you are wearing any make up, which I like. 

I would recommend this foundation to anyone wanting a good item of make up that will even put your skin tone perfectly!  

You can get this foundation in Debenhams and some other department stores or online here
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#SimplyFleurPPW Day 4


#SimplyFleurPPW 4 (1).png

Hello, welcome to day 4 of #SimplyFleurPPW! Today I will be showing you the best party ideas – most of them I have had but some of them I am having soon!

Jewellery Making

This is such a fun party, as you get to make your very own bracelet, necklace or whatever you choose! Bead shops often offer parties where you have the store to yourself and are given a workshop on how to make something!



Going to the theatre with a couple of friends is such a great way to celebrate if you don’t want the hassle of planning your party in depth, just book the tickets and book a table at a nearby restaurant and you are all set!


LUSH Party

Yes, your eyes read correctly, a LUSH party! There are three different options; Happy Hour, Fun & Games or Beauty School. Happy Hour is where you are given an hour to explore a particular part of LUSH, such as bath or shower products. This party lasts one hour and is £15 per person. Fun & Games is a party where you and your guests play games and have lots of fun! It lasts one and a half hours and is £20 per person. Both Happy Hour and Fun & Games include a £5 LUSH gift voucher! The final party you can have is Beauty School, where they teach you about massages, facials and the LUSH make-up line!  This party is £25 per person and lasts one and a half hours. It also includes a £10 gift voucher! I am having a Fun & Games party soon, so look out for that post!


Afternoon Tea

A fun party to have in your house is an afternoon tea, as it is easy enough and very fun! All you need to do is prepare sandwiches and cakes and you are ready!


Day Out

This one is similar to the theatre one – you choose a location and go and explore with your friends or pick a certain place, such as a museum or experience to go to. This is completed with lunch or dinner out and it is perfect!


Escape Room

This is something I did recently for one of my friend’s birthday and I really enjoyed it! We were put into a room and had to follow the clues to find the ‘stolen diamond’. You can get them in lots of different scenarios and they are great, as they really tease your brain and there are lots of little clues that build up to solve it! We were given one hour and completed it with 29 seconds spare!

escape room.jpg

I hope these ideas will help you to plan your own perfect party!